The principal activities of Jordan Lee & Jaafar Group of Companies are to serve as a one-stop centre for total property integrated solutions and professional services, from valuation, property management, feasibility study, project management to real estate marketing and brokerage as well as auctioning services via the Group’s nationwide network.

Valuation / Appraisal

The Group’s main business is to provide valuation of real property and chattel (incl. plant and machinery) for various purposes e.g.:

  • Corporate restructuring ie. appraisal of company assets for submission to Securities Commission of Malaysia for the purposes of floating of shares and rights and bonus issues
  • Mortgage loan, fire insurance and forced sale or auction sale
  • Appeal on estate duty, real property gains tax (RPGT), rating assessment and other taxes
  • Claim for fair compensation on property compulsorily acquired by public authority, where negotiations and representations by expert witness at court hearings may be required
  • Advisory and appraisal service to the former Asset Management Company (AMC) or Pengurusan Danaharta Nasional Berhad (now under Bank Negara Malaysia) for the purpose of handling non-performing loans

Property Management

We advise on the macro and microeconomic aspects and optimum use of properties for the purpose of maintaining or enhancing value and maximizing returns.

As Property Managers licensed by the Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents Malaysia, the functions are carried out using our overall management skills focused in maintaining value, value creation and maximizing returns for the owners of the assets. Clients are therefore protected by law through our independence, transparency and professional indemnity insurance.

The Property Management functions are usually carried out under the following areas:-

  • Planning, policy decisions and reviews
  • Physical management and maintenance
  • Contract management and services
  • Financial management (including common funds, sinking funds, service charges and accountability)
  • Agency; i.e. Tenants (new& renewals)
  • Property tax, insurance & related matters 

Real Estate Agency

We provide services in leasing/rental and sale-and-purchase of new as well as secondary real estate property: local and international residential, commercial and industrial properties as well as vacant land.

Our services in this area include Sale/Lease by Public Tender where we handle all aspects of the exercise.

Market and Feasibility Study

In this area, with our vast experience, expertise and in-house data, we are able to analyse the anticipated demand and potential returns, growth patterns and viability of development projects. Demand-supply patterns and potential growth centres may also be identified for purposes of property investments.

Project Management

We ensure the smooth execution, particularly the organisation of development projects, emphasizing on completion according to schedule, cashflow, safety, security, recommendation on variation, etc.

Auctioning Services

The Group offers auctioning services on all types of real property, including properties with non-performing loans, at private or public auctions. Auctions may be conducted on behalf of High Courts, financial institutions, banks and individuals.