Property Management:

Our work in this area of ensuring that Capital goods are well managed and maintained would be headed by Registered/Licensed Property Managers and would focus in the following areas :

  • Maintaining or enhancing value of the property for the owner.
    • Building Maintenance – which involves actual physical management and can also involve other property professionals.
  • Financial Management – which would include collection of service charges, payment of the salaries for staff and other duties under contracts. Also covered under this category will be insurance coverage, payments of quit rent and assessments, appeals on rating assessments and rebates on vacant premises.
  • Contract Management – i.e. selection of contractors for the various contractual services in ensuring cost saving and job performance in accordance with the standards set, etc.
  • Agency & Tenant Management – i.e. managing renewals of leases, negotiating rental reviews and providing consultancy services on such matters.


Project Management:

To ensure the smooth implementation, particularly, coordination and completion of development projects with emphasis on completion according to schedules, cash flow, safety, security, recommendations on variations, liaising with the authorities on relevant approvals, selection of contractors, sub-contractors, relevant professionals and regular briefings.